A Deva Avatar is a

Each Deva Avatar is unique. We don’t share the same beliefs or life purpose. Heck, we don’t even speak the same language! And without any core characteristics, abilities or desires a Deva Avatar is largely indefinable, except to say that we are a simultaneous experience-expression of All That Is. Which is not a very helpful explanation, I admit. So let’s see if we can’t remedy that through our conversations on this site.

A Deva Avatar is an oracle
A Deva Avatar is a human angel
A Deva Avatar is the chariot of shekinah
What is a human angel?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a human angel?

I don’t know for sure. That is, I can’t give you a universal answer; the type of absolute truth that provides a point of certainty from which to argue against all others.

What I can do is write about what happens when I ask the question and leave a space. What I can give you is access to the truths that I encounter when I ponder my experience of simply being.

For example, a Human Angel or Deva Avatar is someone who has no will separate from all that is; a person with all the attributes we identify as human, except that…


What does avatar mean?

According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, ‘avatar’ is the name given to “a descent of a Hindu deity to earth in an incarnate or tangible form,” from Sanskrit avatarana “descent” (of a deity to earth in incarnate form), from ava- “off, down” (from PIE root *au- (2) “off. away” + base of tarati “(he) crosses over,” from PIE root *tere- (2) “cross over, pass through, overcome.”

Crystalinks takes the definition further suggesting that “unlike Christianity, and Shaivism, Vaishnavism believes that God takes a special (including human) form whenever there is a decline of righteousness (dharma) and rise of evil.”

I, however, find there is a way to respect traditional understandings of the term while incorporating those definitions handed to me by the healers who first labelled me a deva avatar, and doing further research into what it means on the ground in my everyday experience.


What does deva mean?

Deva is a term, again, found in Hinduism, Buddhism and Christianity. In Buddhism and Medicine by C. Pierce Salguero, ‘deva’ is said to be “one of the eight groups of spiritual beings existing in the pure realms that are free from those desires that ultimately lead to dissatisfaction and misery [but are destined,] when the roots of good karma that previously caused existence in this realm are finally consumed [,] to migrate back into the lower realms of samsara.”

In Hinduism, deva means “heavenly, divine, terrestrial things of high excellence, exalted, shining ones” (Monier-Wiiliams Sanskrit-English Dictionary, 1899). Taken from early Vedic literature, the term is Deva-Asuras (Spiritual Titanism by Nicholas F. Gier). While in post-Vedic texts these two entities are divided into good (devas) and bad or malevolent (asuras) (Encyclopaedia Britannica).

Devas are also seen as demonic figures in the philosophy of Zoroaster “who first put forth the notion of simplifying the many different gods into just two – one good and one evil” an idea that made its way into the first dualistic cosmologies of the ancient Middle East (The History of the Devil).

It is important to note that the root word for Deva in Hindu and Zoroastrianism are poles apart…


How do I know if I am an avatar?

Well, I’m not sure any of the current characteristic identifiers for being an avatar or a human angel are very helpful. In fact, I think the idea of a single set of markers is rather unhelpful. If you are, then you are. If you are not, then you are not. How do you identify anything except against the familiar notions that you have in place? What if the world was very different to the way it appears? What if nothing was as it seemed? How then would you “know” for sure without a doubt that what you see is what is?

Probably a more important question is, why do you want to know? What would being an avatar do for you? Would it mean a more peaceful, purposeful or practical experience? Would being told you are an avatar help you to make sense of what’s going on for you in a way that eases the pressure of being different or inexplicable?


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