“It’s the highest form of human angel.” That’s what I was told. Not that that made it any clearer. And, at the time, I wasn’t all that focused on working it out. It was simply more information, and I went with that.

Since then, though, it’s become a point of interest. Especially once I was settled enough to have a business of my own and a means of experiencing my voice in the world. After twenty years of the title not really meaning that much to me, something changed.

I felt compelled to know more. I tried to find the people who intuited the name to start with. No luck. I tried to contact the person who took me to the healing session with those people. Also no luck. Nothing on the Internet (at the time) revealed any more than I already knew. It was one of those find your own adventure stories but it was my story and I didn’t know where to start.

Does it come in meditation? Would I have a dream? Clarity would have to come from somewhere, right? It always does in these things. People set out on a quest to find truth and come to a realisation along the journey. That’s how the story goes. At least, that’s how the stories I’ve read turn out. Mine, not so much.

I’m still unclear as to how it all manifests in life. In my life. As me. Obviously, I’ve done a lot of research since then (that you can access on this site) and delved deeper into what it means intuitively, to me. Which is enough, I guess. For now.

In my heart of hearts, I’m still hoping for some expert to come along and tell me everything I don’t know about this stuff so I can stop piecing things together for myself. Then it’s the piecing things together that makes me so convinced I’m in the right place following the thread.

Sometimes the connections seems almost embarrassing. I’m not a new ager but, in the pursuit of this truth, I have encountered Lemuria and unicorns and kundalini. Probably not in the way I imagine other people do. At least, not in the way they’re spruiked on the Internet. And yet, there is no mistaking the energy-feeling I get when I visit certain sites and use certain words to further my understanding of what it is to be what I am.

These are the things I am most excited to write about. Things that bring gravity into my life, and take me out into my fluidity — into my natural state of water below, mountain above.

Welcome to my world!